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Why we love layering clothes during the Autumn months

Posted on September 26 2020

Why we love layering clothes during the Autumn months

Whether we want to admit or not, Summer is on its way out and Autumn is fast approaching. Whilst many people may miss those long, sunny, warm days, there are plenty of others who love everything that these few months will bring.

We definitely love Autumn, and one of the main reasons for this is because it means that rather than trying to wear fewer clothes (whilst maintaining our modesty of course) we can actually layer up instead.

There are so many great things about layering clothes, to help to inspire you we have put together why we love layering clothes and how we think you can still do it and be stylish too.

It helps to keep on top of the weather

One of the best things about layering our clothes is that it means that we can easily dress for the weather. Things can be a bit changeable during the Autumn months, which means that whilst you may want to wrap up warm in the mornings, come the afternoon it is a different story. When you have layered up your clothes, the good thing is that you can take off layers and put them back on as often as you need to, which means that no matter what is happening weather wise, you will be fine.

You can mix colours

When you put an outfit together, there is a chance that you are going to stick to one particular colour most of the time. For many people this colour is black. Black is known to be incredibly slimming, which is why it is popular. However, it can be boring from time to time. Why not bring black to life and add a splash of colouring? This is even easier to do thanks to layering, when you can pop a brightly coloured scarf or cardigan over the top of your already thought out black outfit.

You will be able to stay modest

Modest clothing for ladies can be hard to get right. You want to balance the idea of wearing modest tops and modest trousers; but you are still going to want to be comfortable and feel that you are in style too. When you choose layering, you are instantly giving yourself a chance to try out modest fashion. Although, you might not even realise that it is what you are doing.

The idea of modest fashion UK is that you dress in a way that is seen to be modest. This comes naturally when you layer, as you will be covering over most of your body.

With the weather starting to change and the new season taking a hold, it makes sense that you give your wardrobe an overhaul. Whether you try layering as a way to keep warm (and stay cool should you need it) or because you like the idea of being able to try out modest fashion for yourself, you will never regret it.

Layering is not only comfortable, but it is right on trend too and it is definitely an approach to fashion that makes sure that you can perfectly embrace your very own sense of style. Albeit, in an entirely modest way.


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