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Why The Colour Red Is A Powerful Colour In Women's Fashion

Posted on July 25 2020

Why The Colour Red Is A Powerful Colour In Women's Fashion

Red has a strong significance in fashion and it can transform your whole look just by adding the right piece to your wardrobe. Red represents power, energy, a call to action and assertiveness. Women wear red when they want to make a statement. Colour is a less subjective component of modest fashion UK because it’s seen equally by people which is why red has become the fashion industry’s power colour year after year.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some more reasons why red is a powerful colour in women’s fashion:

It Represents Strength- when we see the colour red, it brings to mind the sensation of strength and power. It makes women feel powerful and confident. When wearing red, women feel in charge of their lives. They also become more noticeable because red is strong and vibrant.

It's Energetic- red directly evokes energy and excitement. When women want to feel energised, they can wear a red dress for work or social events. By wearing red, women may experience a significant change in their energy levels as well as their mood.

It’s Fun- red isn’t only strong and energetic, it’s also fun and playful. Lighter shades of red are fun colours. They are full of excitement and emotionally compelling. When women are feeling happy, it’s more likely for them to wear red.

It's Passionate- red is seen as passionate and romantic. Pink and other shades of red are often used on Valentine’s Day because they provoke strong romantic emotions.

Red is also a flexible colour for women to wear. For daring fashionistas and extroverts, they can wear red from head to toe. This can be incredibly stylish and bold. Combine a modest red blazer, red top, red shoes, and red pants to deliver a real impact. If you are hesitant to go all red, you may consider rocking a pair of red pants. To keep a balanced look, you can combine red bottom with denim jacket and white T-shirt. Women can combine a red top with a pair of blue jeans or black pants.

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