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Top modest fashion bridesmaid dress styles that your bridal party will love

Posted on June 20 2020

Top modest fashion bridesmaid dress styles that your bridal party will love

When you think about bridesmaid dresses, the one thing that you want is for your bridesmaids to look as great as possible, however, you are also going to want to make sure that they are comfortable with what they are wearing. Like many things in fashion, bridesmaid dresses can come in all styles, this means that if you want to combine your bridesmaid's dresses with perhaps modest dresses for ladies, then this is something that you can do.

The only thing that can come with so much choice in bridesmaid dresses that also compliment modest clothing for ladies, is knowing where to start. To help you out and make sure that you have a happy bridal party, we have put together our guide on the top modest brides maid dress styles.

Three quarter sleeves

One great way to bring modest style to a bridesmaid dress is to choose a dress with three quarter length sleeves. Not only is this covering the top half of the arms, but, these sleeves can be beautifully designed and finished with simple details which can really bring the entire dress to life.

Empire style dresses

It can often be the case that bridesmaids dresses are cut very tightly, this may be popular with many people, but another style that is much more modest, is an empire cut. An empire dress is often seen in more vintage style bridesmaid dresses and not only can they work with a range of themes for your wedding day, but this cut also complements a variety of sleeve styles too.

Ballerina necklines

Ballerina necklines are a fantastic way to ensure that modest dresses still remain stylish. This gently scooped neckline will not only suit a variety of women, but also works with dresses that are long and dresses that are short. You can even team them with shawls and scarves if you are worried about one of your bridesmaids getting cold.

Add a jacket

If you are getting married in the spring or autumn, then one great way to instantly make a bridesmaid dress have more of a modest style is to add a jacket to it. Bolero jackets are particularly good for this and they can either be in a contrasting colour, or one that matches completely. You could even, if you like, have your bridesmaids in a mix of coloured jackets and dresses which will give a bright look to your wedding pictures.

Whether you are looking for modest dresses for ladies to wear as bridesmaids, or perhaps other items from a UK modest fashion expert, then you have come to the right place. Whether it is modest tops and blouses or perhaps modest trousers; you will find clothes that are in keeping with your style and in keeping with your values too. The perfect combination for anyone.

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