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The rise of modest wear

Posted on January 21 2020

The rise of modest wear

The thing to remember about fashion is that it is much more versatile than you may realise. Whilst fashion is what you see on catwalks and in magazines, it has much more to offer than just that.

One aspect of fashion that you may not instantly think of is modest wear. So, what is modest wear and why has it become a more popular form of fashion?

What is modest wear?

How you see modest fashion really depends on your own culture and interpretation of the phrase. The most basic way to explain modest wear, and the one that the majority of people will see it is that it describes clothes that are there to conceal the shape and contour of the body; rather than accentuate it.

Many items of clothing can be made into modest wear. Tops, trousers, jackets and dresses can all be made to a modest cut. Not only this, but hjiabs and burqas can also be seen as modest wear for that particular culture.

Why has it become more popular?

The idea of modest fashion has definitely grown and grown over the recent years. In fact, if you search for modest wear on Google then you will see a wealth of searches that relate to this term. Not only this, but modest wear has also started to become more of a feature on designer catwalks as well as high-street collections too.

The main reason that someone will decide to wear something that is seen as modest wear is because they have religious or cultural reasons. However, some people will simply choose this style of clothing because they prefer the modest aesthetic that it has.

These women wanted to have stylish clothing options that not only met the needs of modest wear, but that also had a place in the fashion world too. With this in mind, designers that had experience and knowledge in modest wear decided that they wanted to create lines that could be worn by the modern women whilst still meeting their needs. They didn’t want to only be able to offer modest fashion that was considered to be frumpy and boring. Instead, they wanted to create clothes that would be able to help the person to express their own individuality.

It wasn't long before social media stars realised that they needed to also be on board with these designers. Platforms such as Instagram were flooded with images of stylish women combining cultural and religious beliefs with amazing levels of style.

As modest fashion has become more and more popular, the choice for the consumer has also grown. They can head online and find amazing clothing choices from independent designers who specialise in this type of clothing. They can also visit their own high street where they will find clothes that are everything that they are looking.

Our world is changing and it seems that modest fashion isn’t going anywhere. Ideal for those who want it all, we love the fact that modest fashion has become the go to choice for stylish people; no matter their culture or religion.

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