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The Right Way To Wear Animal Prints This Summer

Posted on July 20 2020

The Right Way To Wear Animal Prints This Summer

In today’s fashion world, colour rules. But that doesn’t mean that many of today’s top modest fashion influencers have forgotten about one of the hottest trends of the season. Animal prints are back and can be found on everything from modest dresses for summer, to accessories including belts, handbags and shoes.

The secret to wearing animal prints is to manage the visual chaos and deliver a more modest, yet still impactful, appearance. With a stylish attitude and a little creativity, anyone can be stylish with animal prints. Any modest summer outfit can be livened up with the right amount of animal print.

Let’s take a look at the right way to wear animal prints this summer:

Keep It Natural- animal prints are a naturally-themed design which means that you shouldn’t overdo it when wearing them. Choose colours that you would find in nature and avoid inappropriate fad combinations which can quickly cheapen your look. Modest tops and blouses can be updated with a small animal print accent.

Keep It Simple- animal prints can be visually strong and chaotic. Heavy accessories or glitzy jewellery may over complicate your look. Accessories like shows, belts, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings should complement animal print, instead of competing with it. You shouldn’t give in to excesses and always choose only one or two elements of animal prints in your outfit.

Keep It Modest- if you are wearing a modest outfit, animal print is perfect for tiny accents. A small and simple animal print can go a long way. A narrow belt with animal prints could draw attention to the waist. The key is to ensure balance in the overall look. Garments with neutral tones like beige, black or white could be enhanced with a piece of animal print. Denim also works well with a small accent of animal print.

Choose Accessories Carefully- animal prints can add a very strong accent to modest summer clothes, so be careful when wearing accessories that incorporate animal prints. Wear a monochrome outfit with capri pants, skirts, or denim, then add just a single accessory with animal print.

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