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Modest and Stylish

Posted on May 16 2020

Modest and Stylish

How to be stylish and modest too!

We all know that for many of us, being stylish is important. However, one common misconception about modest clothing for ladies is that modest clothes cannot be stylish clothes. We definitely don’t believe that this it the case, in fact, all it takes is a look at some of the modest fashion influencers out there and you can see that modest trousers, modest tops and modest dresses can all be incredibly stylish too.

Want to know more? Whether it is modest clothes for summer or modest fashion brands, here is our guide to how modest can be stylish.

Turtleneck tops

One great modest top style is a turtleneck. They match really well with a range of other things and can be dressed up to be more formal, such as for work, or perhaps a little more casual, with jeans.

Maxi skirts

A go to for modest summer wear has to be the maxi skirt. These skirts are worn by a range of people and they suit a vast array of shapes and sizes too. We love them because whilst they ensure that you are covered up, they are also flowy and floaty too, which keeps you fresh and feeling amazing. Another great thing about maxi skirts is that they can be ideal for daytime wear, they work amazingly with sandals and then in the evening you can pop them with some heels and dress them up.

Maxi dresses

The same goes for maxi dresses, especially if you wear them in one of the trend setting prints such as florals. Maxi dresses are great for weddings and for formal events too. They also are a great transitional item between summer and autumn, particularly those dresses that have long sleeves.

Palazzo Pants

Not only do these trousers have a great name, they are also a stylish fashion item to add to your modest wardrobe. They are loose and flowy, which means that they are comfortable to wear, even if you have to rock them all day at work and they are also incredibly versatile. We have seen people wear these for a day out with the family, or dress them up in the evening.

Pick your print

One of the key things to remember when it comes to modest fashion is that sometimes it is not the item that you wear, but it is the style that it is in. Prints and colours is an important consideration and you need to pay careful attention to both of these things. Not only this, but how you put modest clothes together as one outfit will also affect how stylish and on trend you feel.

So, now you know more about UK modest fashion, why not visit our website and see more about how modest fashion brands UK can help you to feel and look great without compromising on your values and belief.


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