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Dreaming of warmer days? Here is why we love Maxi Dresses!

Posted on February 26 2020

Dreaming of warmer days? Here is why we love Maxi Dresses!

Dreaming of warmer days? Here is why we love Maxi Dresses!

It can be hard sometimes to combine modest wear and fashion; which is why we work hard to ensure that everything we sell is a mixture of both. That said, sometimes you find that certain fashion items cross over with the world of modest wear, without even realising it.

This is definitely true for maxi dresses and skirts.

Modest wear in the form of maxi dresses and skirts

The idea of a maxi dress and skirt is that it is a long, often floor length skirt that will cover you over whilst still keeping you cool and comfortable. It is the ultimate solution to being able to stay feeling great during warmer weather whilst still keeping to your morals.

You may think that you can only wear maxi dresses and skirts during the summer, but we think that makes for an ideal addition to your spring wardrobe too. Of course, the weather is not going to be too warm, but the length of the skirt means that you are covered over and therefore will stay warmer.

You can, should you wish to, also layer underneath your maxi dress or skirt (or over the top should that work better for you) which means that you don’t have to worry about getting cold.

Celebrity modest wear

In a world where it can seem to be “less is more” it can be hard to find a celebrity who adopts the modest approach to fashion. However, there are those out there and we definitely think that they should be celebrated for what they do.

One great example of this has to be Amal Alamuddin (also known as Mrs Clooney) who is definitely a fan of taking a more modest approach to fashion. Some of our favourite outfits that we have seen her wear comes in the form of a structured jumpsuit which allowed her to look classy, modest and of course stylish too.

Another celebrity who is taking a much more modest approach to their fashion is Emma Stone. She might not always jump to mind when you think of modest fashion, but she is someone who knows how to look great, whilst still covering over. Emma will often wear structured trousers or full skirts and she often has a look that says that she was born in the wrong decade; albeit a stylish decade.

We love that there are celebrities out there who are leading the way for modest fashion. We hope that more and more of them realise the benefit of being more modest and adopt our stylish approach to fashion.

Want to buy yourself a maxi dress or skirt? If you do then take a look at what we have to offer. Not only do we have some amazing designs to offer you, but you can also save yourself some money. This is all thanks to our 10% off deal which can be claimed using our discount code.

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